Who is ControlPlane?

We are a London based cloud technology company, helping to keep people safe online. We work with cloud providers and their customers to secure the building blocks of the internet, by offering consulting, training and products related to cloud native development, security and operations.

ControlPlane’s priority is to continue to be a leader in the Kubernetes and Cloud DevSecOps space. We secure the next generation of software systems and provide a clear, risk-based adoption guide for organisations looking to implement best practices.

Trusted by Google Cloud, UK Home Office, JPMC, among many others, our clients are world leading organisations.

What We're Looking For in a Training Lead

We are a training and consulting organisation, with excellent subject matter expert engineers, principal engineers and project managers who seek a leader to coach and mentor them with their challenges at customer sites, to lead, manage and hold them accountable for their responsibilities and to help them deliver what was promised to our customers.

Our Training Lead believes in helping our company maintain its reputation as leader in the Cloud Native training space. Their passion for training and commitment to sharing knowledge will empower ControlPlane to deliver cutting-edge technical trainings to a variety of audiences. Our Training Lead also believes in a thriving community presence at conferences, meet-ups and technical social events in general.

We are looking for a Training Lead to represent the technical and cultural values of ControlPlane, presenting impeccable content to training attendees in the complex and fast-changing world of cloud native technology. You will perform a mix of Kubernetes training maintenance and delivery, together with running of Kubernetes Capture the Flag events on our custom platform.

ControlPlane thrives on community participation and collaboration through meetups and conferences, working groups, and training. We require our Training Lead to be passionate about sharing information with friends and colleagues.

You will be asked to:
- deliver Kubernetes training based on our current portfolio
- attend conferences and meetups in the UK and abroad

This is a unique job role within a successful start-up company where you will have the chance to make a positive impact, learn, grow and work with great colleagues who consistently challenge the status quo.

This is a remote position, though you have the option to spend a few days a month in-person at our London office: this is optional and we aim to be entirely flexible to your needs. As a leader in the cloud native community the successful candidate will be comfortable with international travel.

Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements of Our Training Lead

  • Maintain, enhance and expand ControlPlane's training portfolio (including courses, modules, content, and labs)
  • Deliver ControlPlane's training courses world-wide to a number of audiences, from private/public sector organisations to conference attendees
  • Deliver Capture the Flag events at small to large community events and conferences using ControlPlane's custom platform KubeSim
  • Coordinate the creation of new, cutting-edge attack scenarios leveraging internal and cloud resources

Our Training Lead Will Have These Preferred or Specific Skills:

  • Strong organisational, planning, multi-tasking, and time management skills
  • A combination of technical expertise, communication skills, and instructional abilities
  • In-depth Subject Matter Knowledge: strong command of container, Kubernetes, and cloud native technology, as well as familiarity with relevant technologies, tools, and concepts
  • Effective Communication: capable of presenting complex technical information clearly, and adapting their communication style to different audiences
  • Presentation and Public Speaking: deliver engaging and informative presentations, capturing learners' attention and effectively conveying complex technical information
  • Adaptability: adjust teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and staying up-to-date with evolving technologies
  • Patience and Empathy: supporting learners at different skill levels and helping them overcome challenges
  • Active Listening: understand learners' needs and addressing their questions and concerns
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: addressing learners' questions and troubleshoot issues effectively
  • Continual Learning: committed to continuous learning, staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies
  • Interpersonal Skills: fostering positive relationships and collaborating effectively with learners and stakeholders.
  • An interest in the process of events and marketing, and a desire to make incremental improvements as the company grows and develops